lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

Vía lauren!! My love is home @ccbvb

CC!! Para marca de Baquetas !! Vater Percussion - Warped Tour 2013

Vans Warped Tour!

La banda en la Ultima presentación en Texas.

Vía JUliet!! Photo cred: @brixton23 rocking out to Steve Miller Band. Rock and Roll will save us all. My @andybvb and I going cray cray.

Via BLACKVEILBRIDES!! @warpedtour Houston, TX at Reliant Park!

Via Andy! The final show of @warpedtour 2013 today in Houston Texas! We play at 1:50 on the Kia Forte mainstage! Lets end this tour right!

Via fatpogarty!! I drink my coffee black

Juliet Vía Instagram Fishing trip with @andybvb @brixton23 and @kevinlyman so much chaos and fun! Lisa caught trout and cat fish!!

Andy Vía Instagram Fresh off of the stage in Houston after the last @warpedtour set for BVB in 2013 @thejulietsimms and I took a few quick sweaty shots with the incredibly talented @sedition1216 here's a preview of one

Vía instagram Juliet!! Cdcoit Andy his first seagrams 7 on The BVB bus!!!

Vía instagram Juliet !! Our first prom.

Vía instagram Juliet!!!! Is his natural hábitat.

Ultimo día del Warped en Houston, TX

Warped San Antonio, TX