domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

Via Twitter CC !!! I dont know why I'm so mad about my wallet being stolen when I was given this pug onsie. Its not so bad! #perspective

Una Fan con Andy en NY!! Photo by : AssiaBVB

Que tal un Arbol de Navidad al estilo de Black Veil Brides !! Photo by : @crystalscars14

Via Twitter Hottopic !! Hace unos dias en la cuenta de twitter se estuvo utilizando el hastag hacia andy #HotTopicBiersack Post your favorite #HotTopicBiersack photo. Here's ours

Via twitter andy !! Tomorrow #TheBlackMass continues in Virginia! Coming down to the home stretch on the first US leg! Who will we see??

Via Instagram Andy !!ç Seeya in a bit Virginia! #theblackmass #whodey

Via Instagram CC !!! First selfie in years. Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend!

Via Instagram Ashley !!! Hybrid Moments.. Black Veil Brides & The Misfits 😈💥 #FiendClub #BlackMassTour #JerryOnly #Misfits

Via Instagram Ashley !! It was a pleasure having @TheMisfits #JerryOnly #JerryJr on stage with us tonite in KY. #FiendClub #WeAre138 And thank you Louisville for a rowdy rock n' roll show!! #Misfits #Horror #rocknroll #BlackMassTour #BlackVeilBrides 😈

The Black Mass Tour !!! Stroudsburg - © Matt Bishop

The Black Mass Tour !!! Pittsburgh - Photo © Coda Photography

Via Instagram CC !!! Another night at the office. Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend and not letting terrible people bring you down. We are all here for one another. No one can take away who you really are and if they try to, tell them to take a hike!