lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

Shaun Kama Vía Instagram

Blue & black is for the Batman-& Ace Great hang & tattoo session with a few friends. KISS music-non-stop @jeffgeorgemusic @andybvb in the mean streets of Burbank & Studio city

Today is brought to you by the number-3- tattoo Sunday! HalloweenBatAce @andybvb @jeffgeorgemusic

Good start to the zombie, Vampire,Batman-

Andy con una Fan hace unos días

Little man growing so fast..

"Borne On the FM Waves of the Heart"

Studio day 24! #BVB4 coming October 28th 2014. Rhythm guitars are almost done. Riffs for days.

Via Instagram Shaun Kama

This photo says it all about last night !!! Lords of the Damned LIVE- in Hollywood

apfashioninc Vía Instagram

They're up! - hand crafted vintage denim vests - all unique!

Special weekend release! AP FASHION Denim vests online tomorrow morning. EACH ONE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT so you can have the only one in the world. And there's only one of each avail. Wooooo!