jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Vídeo de Black Veil Brides en Conversation at MI

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Thank you Vancouver for remembering that Rock n Roll lives! Except for that one negative asshole that got his ass kicked and will burn in a 1979 fiery disco hell ;)

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Vancouver, we lived here for 3 weeks during the making of BVB4, now we are back to play tonight at the Vogue Theater. See you there!

Ashley Vía Instagram

A lovely bouquet of assorted chocolates arrived at my hotel from the fine people at #PurdysChocolates welcoming us back to #Vancouver ! #chocolate #love #rocknroll #Vogue tonite!

Vancouver! Where we made alot of #BVB4 @VogueTheatre tonite! #BlackMassTour #driftanddiepress #photo #Vancouver -Glad to be back tearin this city up!!

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Vancouver! We tracked all of the vocals on #BVB4 just a few blocks away from tonight's venue! I cannot wait to sing those songs with you guys! This is the final Canadian show of #TheBlackMass Lets go!

Entrevista a Jake y Jinxx en el pasado evento NAMM donde hablan de como empezaron a tocar la guitarra

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Thank you to whoever got a screen shot of my New Years kiss with my beautiful man @jakepittsbvb. Love finding these random pictures

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Last nite in @CityofEdmonton ! See u at the ‪#‎Starlite‬ Ballroom ‪#‎BlackMassTour‬ @Pennywise ‪#‎Sbay‬ ‪#‎Homies‬

Andy Vía Twitter

Calgary! ‪#‎TheBlackMass‬ has arrived! We can't wait to sing with you! Only 8 shows left on this leg of the tour!

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Bloopers Pt2 ft Dia Frampton, Andy Biersack, Hannah Pilkes, Gaby Dunn

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Night all!

I should really start using instagram filters...

I get to LA Friday and they play Pomona Saturday...

So @nevertakeitoff is doing this contest thing where you can win one of their Andy necklaces and like, I totally want to win... (I'm not really interested in winning, I'll give it away to one of you guys if I do though. Because frankly, I don't wear any kind of jewelry. Well, ever since I lost my Superman Keychain that I turned into a Superman necklace...) @andybvb @nevertakeitoff ‪#‎nevertakeitoff‬ ‪#‎ntio‬ ‪#‎andybiersack‬

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lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

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One of my favorite pieces the folks at NTIO have ever done! NEW available from @nevertakeitoff my "Unbroken" lock stage necklace! When I was a kid I wanted so badly to have a lock necklace just like the one Sid Vicious, Tim Armstrong and so many of my musical heroes wore but in my town it was always impossible to find one so I grabbed some wire and a padlock from the local hardware store and I fashioned my own together and wore it to school every day until my neck turned green haha! We decided to design one that looks nearly identical to the necklace I wore as a kid EXCEPT this one is made out of high quality materials and won't give you green neck or rashes haha! I love mine so much I've worn it on every date of #theblackmass and I am so stoked that it's finally available for all of you! If you are interested in picking one up head over to Nevertakeitoff.com and click on the Andy Biersack line! Photo by: @sedition1216

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2015

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Ashley Purdy OFFICIAL Black Veil Brides

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Stripe game on point.

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Here's a behind the scenes shot of the gentlemen from @blackveilbrides , the shots taken from this shoot will be printed as posters in @popstarmag 500,000 times in 74 countries very soon!

CC Vía Instagram

Got this bad ass jacket thrown on stage tonight. Thanks so much! I love it!!

Jinxx Vía Instagram

Thank you Calgary for keeping Rock 'n Roll alive with us on #TheBlackMass tour tonight!! Great to meet all of you afterwards as well. Goodnight!

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Stay warm and comfortable this winter in this badass Get Mean hoodie! Also available as Crew Neck. Available now!



Tonight #theblackmasstour is in Edmonton, who's coming to sing with us?

Photo by: @sedition1216

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Tour Art! Repurposed drum heads! #BlackMassTour #Art #Design #Fun #PinUp #Rocker #Coffin #fetish #punk #horror #pop #kulture #rockabilly#boobs #pomp #skulls #cherry

New issue @KerrangMagazine_ - #andrewlipovsky #photo #tearsheet #kerrang #YvonneDeCarlo #LilyMunster

Once upon a Soundcheck..  #BlackMassTour #BlackVeilBrides

Andy Vía Instagram

Goodnight Edmonton. Had a great day off with my buddy @mattsteelenj at an Oilers game. So much fun being in the arena that so many of my childhood heroes played in from CuJo to Tommy Salo and of course the incomparable Grant Fuhr! Tomorrow #theblackmass marches on! Let's go!

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@jakepittsbvb in this weeks @kerrangmagazine_
Photo taken by @andrewlipovsky

@ashleypurdyinc in this weeks @kerrangmagazine_
Photo taken by @andrewlipovsky

@jinxxed4life in this weeks @kerrangmagazine_
Photo taken by @andrewlipovsky

@ceesespieces in this weeks @kerrangmagazine_
Photo taken by @andrewlipovsky

@andybvb in this weeks @kerrangmagazine_
Photo taken by @andrewlipovsky

Make sure to grab this weeks @kerrangmagazine_ to get this poster special!
Photo by @andrewlipovsky

Andy #BlackVeilBrides #BVB

Andy #TheBlackMassTour #BlackMass2014 #BVB4 #BVBArmy #bvb4life #bvbsoldier

Photo by: @RoyaleSoldier

Fotos de la banda en Quebec por Gary Mills @gmills004

@ashleypurdyinc on #TheBlackMassTour in Quebec. for UltimRadio

@jinxxed4life on #TheBlackMassTour in Quebec.

@jakepittsbvb on #TheBlackMassTour in Quebec.

Via Milly

Yeah!!! Party time with my Uncle @ceesespieces! #partytime #blackveilbrides #namm #millythemetaldog #frenchie #frenchbulldog

Vía Shannon

Love this guy! Thanks for coming out yesterday @ashleypurdyinc! #ashleypurdy #saddleranch #hollywood #theblackveilbrides

Hace unas semanas...

Yesterday with @ceesespieces was a #party! So happy I went to NAMM with one of my best! #friends #onlythebest #blackveilbrides #namm2015

En el cumpleaños de Ashley

Happy Birthday @ashleypurdyinc!! Have an awesome tour! @millythemetaldog and I will miss you... Strip club party when you get back!  #ashleypurdy #blackveilbrides #blackmasstour #millythemetaldog #frenchie #frenchbulldog #happybirthday #bvb

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

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This photo is all majestic and shit.

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Thanks for a fantastic show tonight Manitoba! We had a blast!! Photo by: @Nicholasmrnarevic for @popstarmag

Ashley Vía Twitter

Cool nod from Legend @RealAliceCooper in @Rollingstone mag on @BlackVeilBrides #rocknroll

Jinxx en London Ontario photo by: Mike Silva

"Drag Me To The Grave" (06.02.15)

Via Diemonds

Had some fun last nite! @blackveilbrides played in toronto & @PartyPriyaPanda got to say what's up to @AshleyPurdy xx

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