martes, 3 de junio de 2014

Studio day 21, trying to get more guitars done and this little weasel wants to sleep on my lap.. #BVB4 out October 28th!!

Studio day 20. I forgot to post earlier so uhh here's. #BVB4 coming October 28th!

Fechas del Tour por UK

Studio Day/ Night 18: Heart and Soul. My grandfather gave me that violin, and it was his father's before him. I've played it on every album I've ever recorded, and you better believe it will be making an appearance on #BVB4 ;)

Jake Vía Instagram

Studio day 18. These are the strings I use live and for tracking, you can get the same ones I use here: #BVB4

Studio day 19. #BVB4 coming 10/28/14

My chest piece tribute to my mother is officially done. For now. Next up, finishing right arm.

Photo by: Jeremy Saffer


#tbt When @andybvb came in to talk about #andyBLACK! Have you watched the video or interview yet? Visit to see both!

Nueva Revista Kerrang! donde viene una nota sobre la banda