sábado, 28 de diciembre de 2013

Mark (papá de Jake) Vía Twitter

Nueva foto de perfil de Jake en Twitter!! *-*

Celebratin in Style at the beach in December!😎 Thank you @@AltPress& to the loyal fans! @@ccbvb##RhythmSEXtion

Jake Vía Instagram

Introducing for 2014 the Jake Pitts C-1 Signature Model.
The mahogany body, rosewood fretboard and EMG 81/85s gives the guitar that K.O. Punch! The Metallic White with Metallic Black Burst paint job makes the guitar jump out and in your face!

Chillin with Romeo

#AlternativePress #APmagazine #BassistoftheYear #2013

Andy Vía Instagram

Momma liked the roses

"Kryst the Conquerer" Photography: Nigel Crane. Get my "Daggers" shirt at @exhibitagallery

"Cough Cool" Photography: Nigel Crane 2014

"Temple of  Love" Photography: Nigel Crane 2014