martes, 8 de abril de 2014

Jinxx estaba vendiendo algunos de los accesorios que utilizo en el vídeo de "Rebel Love Song" y en los conciertos

Just listed a few more items, including the infamous "cod" piece and jacket from Rebel Love Song video. Have fun!

No reserve, proceeds to go to various charities. Will be listing more soon, good luck!

Jake Vía Instagram

Tilapia and veggies while I wait for my brown rice to cook#eatclean

Selfie Sunday

Ernie is quite a goofball

Warped #getfashion #rockstar #fashion

15 away from 12 insanity! Hahaha! #andybiersack #CCBVB #Dannywornsnop

These dogs hace Taken over my bed!

Ordering from the @andybvb línea is one of the Many Ways to register for the GOLDEN TICKET contest! #ntio #nevertakeitofff #andybiersack