domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Via Instagram @ExhibitAGallery !!! recuerdan este cuaderno??? Rest in Peace

Look what arrived today! Get your copy at

Nuevo Episodio 4 del VLOG de Jake !! chequenlo ...

Nueva foto de Portada de Jake en Twitter y su pagina oficial de Facebook

Via twitter Andy !! Niagara Falls! Tonight is the first night of the #Theblackmass in the USA ! We're also only 6 days away from #bvb4

Via Twitter Andy !!! Columbus you were awesome last night! Spending the day off today in Wisconsin with @WJJO Only 4 days until #bvb4

Via Instagram Ashley !!! 'If I could stick a knife in my heart Suicide right on stage Would it be enough for your teenage lust Would it help to ease the pain? Ease your brain? I know it's only Rock 'n Roll but I like it..' #BVB4 #BlackVeilBrides #BlackMassTour #RockNRoll

Via Instagram Ash !! Thx @ESPguitarsUSA for this beautiful one of a kind baby! My custom designed 'NightTrain' 🚂🌑 #ESPGuitars #NightTrain #RockNRoll #BlackVeilBrides #BlackMassTour #APFashionInc ⚓️

Via Instagram Ash !! NighTrain' 🚂 #ESPGuitars #APFashionInc #BlackVeilBrides #Bass #Custom #RockNRoll

Black Veil Brides estuvo el Pasado 23 de Octubre en en la estación de 94.1 WJJO en Wisconsin ..

Via amybsack !! (mama de Andy) Hace 1 día Having fun at the Meet and Greet!!


Via Instagram Ash!! Peek a boo.. Guess who...

Via Instagram Jake !!! Thanks for kicking off #theblackmass US tour right Niagara Falls and Columbus! Having such a blast so far! #BlackVeilBridesIV #olloclip new record out 10/27!!!

Via Instagram Jake!!! Killed that workout #getMEANfitness

Via Sedition !! Super busy... Hopefully I have these edited by Monday. Here's a sneak peek thoug

Via Sedition !!! Making videos for @altpress (They are, I'm just taking pictures...)

Via Sedition !!! Had a chance to check out the new issue...

Via sedition !!! If you're a BVB fan you should probably be following the @altpress instagram today.

Via Sedition1216 !! Messing with stuff.

Via Sedition1216 !! So who is going to the @blackveilbrides / @firofficial tour that starts TONIGHT in Niagara Falls NY and when? Maybe you guys can make new friends to go to the show with

Via altpress !!! Last one! Andy getting a little exercise during sound check... Be sure to catch @blackveilbrides on the Black Mass tour with @firofficial and be sure to follow me (@sedition1216 ) for more photos in the next few days, look forward to some more right here as well! And get the new issue, and watch for those interviews with aptv, and.........

Via altpress !!! #BlackVeilBrides from their AP cover shoot. Preorder the new issue and get this poster (18x24) signed by the band! While supplies last. (We ship internationally!) #altpress #apmag #BVB

Via altpress ! She said yes! Just witnessed a marriage proposal between two @blackveilbrides fans. So awesome! (@ashleypurdyinc with the photo bomb.) : @sedition1216

Via altpress !!! Keep an eye on APTV next month for interviews with ALL the members of @blackveilbrides (and make sure you pick up the next issue as well) : @sedition1216

Via altpress !!! Hi, @sedition1216 here for @altpress going to be sharing a few behind the scenes shots with next month's cover artists @blackveilbrides today. Be sure to catch them on the Black Mass tour this fall and don't miss next month's cover feature hitting newsstands November 4th.

Via altpress !!! The choice is yours! #blackveilbrides bundles only available during preorder... And we ship internationally too! #apmag #altpress #bvb

Jinxx Via Instagram !! "Dammit. #beavisandbutthead"

Via Instagram Shaun !! Ready to have a zany time with my friends BVB @halloweentattoos Will be doing dates on the last tour of 2014, w/ some Black Veil Brides dates! Here are the dates & cities-- for tattoo booking. Contact me ASAP @! I will give y'all the " (BVB discount)Oct 28th -30th Vegas/ Oct 31 Arizona / Nov 1st LA/ Nov 2&3rd San Francisco /Nov 4th / 5th/6th /7th /8th in Portland/ Seattle /Idaho / in LA on 10/11/12 / (Hanging w/ friends in Toronto Nov 13th-18th ). fly to east coast meet BVB in Philly/ NY/ New Jersey/east coast 19-25th of Nov! LA from Nov 26th - Dec 4th LA/OC & San Diego/ Dec 5/6/7 in Phoenix AZ Meet BVB in Texas on Dec 8/9/10/11/12 Dallas/ Austin / Houston / San Antonio/ New Mexico ending on the 15th Dec back in LA;)) hope to see you all! #halloweentattoos #shaunkama #blackveilbrides #lastTourOf2014 #mercenarymanagement #blasko #metalfenton #walkingdead #ruemorguemag #gorenior #horrorhound #fangoriamag #fallinginreverse #newyearsday #motionlessinwhite #escapethefate #motorhead

Las fechas de este Tour "The Black Mass" en Estados Unidos!

Via twiiter Ash ! Upstate NY, you were great! Get ready Ohio, here we come!! 💥 #BlackMassTour #BlackVeilBrides #BVB4 Foto: Via twiiter Ash ! Upstate NY, you were great! Get ready Ohio, here we come!! 󾮖󾭚 #BlackMassTour #BlackVeilBrides #BVB4

Via Black Veil Brides !! Thanks Niagara Falls! Great kick off to the US #BlackMass tonight! #bvblivepics Photo shot with @olloclip