domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

Otra foto mas de Andy para la Revista Alternative Press

La noche del pasado Halloween fueron enviadas 25 tarjetas gratis firmadas por Andy a quienes compraron una cantidad específica de accesorios de la Marca de pulseras de Andy 'Never take it off'

Andy para AP

Jinxx en Hampton Beach

Ash y JInxx en Hampton

Sedition photography...

Anyone ever tried these, and do they work?? Have a cold and a 10+ hour flight today, need my ears to not explode.

I knitted you some nice things for the winter months and cool nites! ❄ #hoods #slouchbeanies

Nuevo video de Jake en donde nos muestra cuales son las cuerdas de guitarra que utiliza!!


Check It! Selling my custom pink Swarovski iPhone 4 on Ebay!

Haven't been back here in a while. Thank god for patch bays

Andy desde la cuenta en Instagram de AP (Parte 2)

Getting ready to board my flight back home from The last show of The OUTBREAK Tour . Coffe time #aptakeover

I bought what I am refering to as a captain América Sweater thanksfully my love Juliet approves . #aptakeover

I thing this one is self explanatory #aptakeover

Be sure to check out The web series that my cousin Joe Flanders and i do calles "Average Joe" Joe Also interviewedin AP # 305 here's a pic of me in Joes house wearing one oh his god damn Mac and cheese shorts haha . #aptakeover

Currently listening to one of my favorite records of all time. What are your favorite albums? #aptakover

Well thanks for hanging everyone! It's been fun! Make sure to pick up AP December issue #305! Thank you so much to everyone at AP for making this possible! Follow your dreams and never give in! #aptakeover