jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Via Twitter Ashley! Finishing a sweet rehearsal and jammin in my @Diemonds shirt! #Party!

Via Instagram ronnieinreverse @jakepittsbvb @andybvb jack Vincent mixtape 2013 dope as fuck! Al parecer Jake tambien esta en el proyecto musical al que Ronnie invito a Andy, solo queda esperar..

Via Instagram Jake!! Tracked some sick solos with @JackyCVincent tonight, what a phenomenal player!

Vía instagram exhibtagallery!! When the crowds are gone and the band has moved on to the next city, I find solace from my demons, while the music still echoes within my mind. #EXHIBITAGALLERY #ANDYBIERSACK #RICHARDVILLA #BLACKVEILBRIDES #WRETCHEDANDDIVINE

Vía instagram Fatpogarty !! Hanging out with @AndyBVB before he heads out on tour, rocking the new "DAGGERS" shirt