martes, 8 de julio de 2014

Newsletter Julio

Army ya checaron su correo? La newsletter de Julio ya esta y viene con sorpresa incluida...


Bienvenidos a la Newsletter del BVB ARMY de Julio 2014! Como tu probablemente sabes por ahora nuestro nuevo álbum sale el 28 de oct! Actualmente estamos en Canadá poniendo los toques finales en ello. No podemos esperar a que lo escuches! Mientras tanto estamos lanzando un pre-pedido muy especial que sólo esté disponible para ti el BVB ARMY! El resto del mundo tendrá acceso a estos elementos el lunes, pero tu tienes la primera oportunidad de ellos ahora! Cosas como letras escritas a mano de Andy, añadir tu nombre en las 'gracias' de los créditos del álbum, consiga un shot y un follow de @officialBVB en Twitter y muchos artículos más exclusivos! La mayoría de estos artículos son limitados y una vez que se han ido no vamos a agregar más así que elige sabiamente. De todos modos, ¿estás listo ... AQUÍ ESTÁ EL LINK:"

'Auto'graph... get it..?! ha ha.. #signature #autograph #car #face #party #festival #concert

Full day of vocal insanity in the studio today! So excited with every new song we track. I think you're gonna love this record...I know we are loving making it #bvb4


It's confirmed. I'm trying to lose followers... (not really, this decopic app is just amusing me right now)

I've always been a fan of music. Blues, Jazz, Punk, Hardcore, you name the genre I own an album from it. For the past two years I've been toying with portraits in front of the American flag. (You may have seen my @craigowens poster.) Well, now I'm taking the project a little bit further. There will be a tumblr blog going up soon at along with an eventual website where these portraits will be posted along with a short story from the artist photographed detailing the role of American music in their lives. Hopefully you all enjoyed the work I posted today and I'll see you all next Sunday with some more great shots. Photo: @sedition1216 #aptakeover #aplive #warpedwithap #warpedtour #seditionsundays

Ever wonder what Bad Ass is ?? Well this is about as Bad Ass at it can get. Thank You @rceracreations Thank You so much

El papa de Jake (Mark) con un fanart de Jake hecho por un miembro del BVB Army

Soon... Follow @altpress ...


Another excellent day in the studio! I couldn't be more excited about how the vocals are turning out! I hope you all have a great weekend! #bvb4

So stoked on the way everything is sounding!! Hold on to your butts, cause #bvb4 is going to kick some ass!

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NEW! @apfashioninc #fashion #summer

New Design: #crown #skull #trebleclef #anchor

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I will always get a thrill out of seeing Andy on the magazine shelf when I am buying the groceries!!! Please don't forget to vote for BVB in the AP Awards!!!

Already have three copies. #can'tresist

Happy 4th of July! Growing up as as kids in the United States we are often told stories of the "American dream" and how with great work and dedication you will be able to achieve your goals and live a happy and fulfilling life. I would like to say thank you to every one of you around the world for helping me to make my dreams come true and allowing me to sing for you and share my thoughts and aspirations with you. I love my country so very much and I love the people who have helped me get to this point in my life. Have a great night everyone, I believe in you and I believe in your dreams. Now it's time for me to get back to vocal tracking for #bvb4 photo by: Sedition1216

@andybvb will be posting another later...

We LOVE @andybvb and @thejulietsimms!! Yes they are talented and amazing and gorgeous and all that... but they are mostly people with big hearts who honestly care about their fans and other artists. They make the people here feel special and help us and our various causes all the time. We just thought you should know.  #goodpeople #nevertakeitoff #ntio #andybiersack #julietsimms

Spending the 4th at Great American Ballpark. #Go Reds!

Jake, CC y Andy con una fan en Canada