lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

La banda dando su presentacion en Copenhagen en el tour The Church parte II.

La banda en el concierto de Amsterdam.

La banda en la presentacion de Denmark

La banda en el comienzo del tour parte II en Germany!

Nueva foto de perfil de Jinxx en su cuenta de twitter!!

Via CC!! Want to thank Chad from @VaterDrumsticks for sending me a billion sticks just in time for our Euro tour! Thank you!

Via CC! Here we go Amsterdam! We are a spaceship, you are a spaceship!

Via Instagram Juliet!! Date night! Top by the amazing geebin

Via Instagram Andy!! Because no matter where we are in the world...every night we look up at the same moon️ thanks @halloweentattoos for giving @thejulietsimms and I these last minute little tattoos before I head to Germany!

Via instagram Halloweentattos!! Fingers up & down! Pre tour Hi jinx for all 3 of us! Last your of 2013- the goddess of volcanos & wine- thx to "Unbreakable" for the last min spot!! #shaunpelekama #halloweentattoos @andybvb @thejulietsimms @mercenarymgmt rules!! @metalfent @blasko1313 #eternalink

Via Instagram Halloweentattos!!

Nuevo tatuaje de Andy y Juliet!! Via Instagram Halloweentattos!! Last min ( finger tattoos) for people I love!! I made a vow to covet my true friends & make greater efforts to interact this year & to infinity & beyond! @andybvb @thejulietsimms /@acevonjohnson @blasko1313 @ranninbozzio great conversation about a cornucopia of hell -- arious topics! Religion/ gods of red handled scissors / goddess of volcanos & wine & " boats are for sailors" ! Good to see them BOTH looking so well!!! @thejulietsimms you look fantastic;))))))$$$ my Hommie! #halloweentattoosLA #shaunkama @andybvb @thejulietsimms

Via Instagram Andy! Pick up the new AB rosary from @nevertakeitoff

Por si no han visto la Entrevista de Andy que le realizo la Revista Alternative Press, aqui les dejo la "The making of Andy Biersack" edición Nº 305.

Via Instagram Andy!! Silver an Cold - photo by Jonathan Weiner.

Vía instagram Ash!! #apfashioninc #ashleypurdy #style #fashion ️

Vía Instagram Ash!! Its a colourful life! #SunsetStripTattoo #BillBrown #BudLight #Hollywood

Via Instagram Ash! #ASH #AshleyPurdy #Melrose

Via Instagram Jake!! Porta-studio up and running, time to make something magical haha

Via Instagram Jake !! Romedeep and pepper dog

Via ASh!! Here it is! GoldenMile PandaWolf Challenge! 12 bars, 12 diff drinks! #Part1: #1-6 🐼🏆💥 @jeffgeorgemusic