lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

Andy Vía Instagram

One of my favorite pieces the folks at NTIO have ever done! NEW available from @nevertakeitoff my "Unbroken" lock stage necklace! When I was a kid I wanted so badly to have a lock necklace just like the one Sid Vicious, Tim Armstrong and so many of my musical heroes wore but in my town it was always impossible to find one so I grabbed some wire and a padlock from the local hardware store and I fashioned my own together and wore it to school every day until my neck turned green haha! We decided to design one that looks nearly identical to the necklace I wore as a kid EXCEPT this one is made out of high quality materials and won't give you green neck or rashes haha! I love mine so much I've worn it on every date of #theblackmass and I am so stoked that it's finally available for all of you! If you are interested in picking one up head over to and click on the Andy Biersack line! Photo by: @sedition1216