sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

Via instagram!! Here’s an outtake from the shoot with the badass Sean today! Had a blast! Really talented dude

Andy en el Warped Tour..

Via Instagram cosmo and nathalia!! Andy y Juliet en una Boutique en los angeles llamada "Cosmo & Nathalia!! EL 14 de Agosto..

Via Instagram Jake! Chickens everywhere on Kauai, a pack of 5 just strolled by the front lanai

Via Twitter Ashley!! Only in Hollywood! @genesimmons 😈@CourtTaylorXXX

Ashley via Twitter!! Shh.. Happier Hour w/ Taylor!!

Ashley via Twitter!! Own the shirt featuring the inspired Tattoo in Tattoo Magazine/Aug issue on stands now! 💉🎨 http://www.ashleypurdy.com/

Jake Vía Instagram One day I want a salt water tank, but for now this is pretty cool. My frog is coming out quite a bit more now.