lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

Ap Fashion Inc iron Cross tank tops. Avail now! Seen here with Purdy Nites leggings. #rockstar #fashion

Andy en la presentación de William Control

William Control se presento el sábado en Hollywood, Andy estuvo presente en dicha presentación y subió al escenario a cantar junto con el

Photos by: @giselles_shadow

Of course Andy made a guest appearance

Another shot of their performance

Photo By :tayrosemarie

Great night @clubbarsinister leaving you with this for now. 😈 goodnight @williamcontrol @andybvb

Photo by: @briansharks

@williamcontrol @kennethfletcher @andybvb from tonight's show. #williamcontrol #bvb #barsinister #hollywood #andybiersack

Photo by: @darklydreamingdex

A little blurry but fucking amazing. #williamcontrol #williamfrancis #andy #bvb #aiden #barsinister #satnight

Photo by: @_sandysandy

My baes went ham #lovelybishes #bvb

Photo by: @revenant_rick

Bar Sinister
Great show! @williamcontrol @andybvb

William Control Vía Instagram

Last night was fucking insane. Thank you Hollywood for one of the most memorable shows of my life. I love you.

Seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Thanks for coming out.

Shaun Vía Instagram

House call!! At the Jinxx Estate!! More to come:)) Yes my friends, behold the Glory!! A Badass BVB batwing piece on a deserving fan & friend! Shout out to pops, for making it a HappyB day! #jinxx #halloweentattoos #shaunkama #blackveilbrides #BVB #batwingsandblood #ruemorgurmag #fangoria #motorhead #lordsofthedamned #poe #returnofthelivingdead #hpLovecraft #stephenKing

above- Shamrock Social club , tattooing My buddy-BVB-enjoying the afternoon. Below- Amsterdam honeymoon getting loose !! w/ my super talented & sexy woman @carla_kama /black & red shades! #amsterdam #shamrocksocialclub #halloweentattoos #blackveilbrides #Eternalink #theStooges #criticalpowersupplies

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#girls #tattoos #art

SF #SanFrancisco #GoldenGate #cablecar #hiking

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This little guy is growing fast. He's pooped after his bath today

I'm being held hostage

martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Via instagram Shaun!! @Jinxx4life /Jinxx & @halloweentattoos rocking hard to Lords of the Damned after set !!! viperRoom /staying loose @acevonjohnson @andybvb @ashcostello

Nuevas playeras Diseñadas por Andy Biersack y Richard Villa!!

Ashley Vía Twitter

@Bloomingdales #bloomiesselfie #express #fashion @cmartrocks

It's gonna be a Party tonite! A Party tonite i know..@ccbvb

Purdy Rockstar Jeans. Crafted in Los Angeles,California.

Dig this fan framed pic with Skull n Iron Cross necklace available at: #apfashioninc

Bury This Hate photo by Lizzy C.

lunes, 21 de abril de 2014


@ccbvb All the Mexican Army we wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! Big hugs for you!

ARMY SIGAN VOTANDO por Black Veil Brides (las veces quieran) en los Kerrang! Awards 2014 VOten por Black Veil Brides las siguientes categorías:

Best video : In the End - Black Veil Brides

Best single: In The End - Black Veil Brides 

Best album : Wretched and Divine: The Story of the wild ones - Black Veil Brides

Best live band : Black Veil Brides

Best international band : Black Veil Brides

Best film : Legion of the black - Black Veil Brides 

Tweeter of the year : Aquí pueden escribir el twitter de cualquiera de los chicos el que quieran ya sea: @cbvb @AshleyPurdy @JakePittsBVB @AndyBVB @JinxxBVB

8.- Hottest male : en esta categoria tambienn pueden escoger a: Christian Coma, Ashley Purdy, Jake Pitts, Andy Biersack o Jinxx .


Via instagram Andy!! Great to see my buddy Grant! He grew up across the street from me and is a rad kid! Very kind and comes from a great family!

Via Instagram Jake!! Getting closer. Couple more sessions and chest will be done. Just need to finish collar, redo lettering, add a couple more thorns, more portrait work and then shading to tie it all together. Thanks @saraloutattoo for all your amazing work!

Via instagram Jake!! I look like a mental patient after getting tattooed

Via Instagram Jake!! Got a variety of string gages for this upcoming record. Lots of different tunings #BVB4

Via Instagram Jake!! My dogs are too fucking cute I can't help but post pictures of them

Via Instagram Jake!! Love these vitamins! @team_optimum @optimumnutrition

Via Lexus Amanda!! Oh jäger @jinxxed4life @moggy19uk

Via instagram thejulietsimms Missing my White Rabbit this Easter. I love you honey @Andybvb

Via Instagram stevie!! Great day in the studio yesterday with these guys @BlackVeilBrides @AndyBVB @Jinxxed4life @JakePittsBVB @iamtommyenglish #BlackVeilBrides

Via Instagram Ash!! Turn It Up! #rocknroll #musicchoice #BVB

Via Instagram Ash!! @apfashioninc #phonecase #ashleypurdy

viernes, 18 de abril de 2014


Army, ya falta cada vez menos para el cumpleaños de CC!! sigan participando!!
Ya que queremos hacerle un pequeño regalo de parte de tod@s nosotros, la idea es que si tienen alguna foto con su warpaint, dibujo, escrito, foto editada con algún msj de felicitación, etc nos lo manden para poder hacer un collage o album y mandárselo a CC vamos a recibir todas sus cosas hasta el 20 de Abril las pueden mandar por inbox, etiquetarnos o a nuestro mail con el asunto "Cumpleaños CC" venga army!!

Via Instagram Jake!! New Do!!

Vía instagram Andy! A man and his car outtake photo by @lizzy_cupcake #tdntu