martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

Another day, another studio! #mixing #almostdone

Jinxx Vía Instagram

Can't wait to blast your ears out on tour with these bad boys! Thank you @marshallampsuk @olloclip

Studio day: 2 billion. @andybvb hard at work @olloclip #fleachelleobamatron

The Black Mass 2014

BVB hoy dio a conocer a las bandas que los acompañaran en su próximo Tour presentado por Hot Topic "The Black Mass 2014" que serán Fallin In Reverse, Set It Off y Drama Club

Jake Vía Instagram

Proud to be endorsed by @marshallampsuk can't wait to fire these baby's up on tour!!

Mixing begins today, same studio as Metallica's black album, with the same guy who made the black album... Fucking crazy