domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

Via Twitter CC !!! I dont know why I'm so mad about my wallet being stolen when I was given this pug onsie. Its not so bad! #perspective

Una Fan con Andy en NY!! Photo by : AssiaBVB

Que tal un Arbol de Navidad al estilo de Black Veil Brides !! Photo by : @crystalscars14

Via Twitter Hottopic !! Hace unos dias en la cuenta de twitter se estuvo utilizando el hastag hacia andy #HotTopicBiersack Post your favorite #HotTopicBiersack photo. Here's ours

Via twitter andy !! Tomorrow #TheBlackMass continues in Virginia! Coming down to the home stretch on the first US leg! Who will we see??

Via Instagram Andy !!ç Seeya in a bit Virginia! #theblackmass #whodey

Via Instagram CC !!! First selfie in years. Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend!

Via Instagram Ashley !!! Hybrid Moments.. Black Veil Brides & The Misfits 😈💥 #FiendClub #BlackMassTour #JerryOnly #Misfits

Via Instagram Ashley !! It was a pleasure having @TheMisfits #JerryOnly #JerryJr on stage with us tonite in KY. #FiendClub #WeAre138 And thank you Louisville for a rowdy rock n' roll show!! #Misfits #Horror #rocknroll #BlackMassTour #BlackVeilBrides 😈

The Black Mass Tour !!! Stroudsburg - © Matt Bishop

The Black Mass Tour !!! Pittsburgh - Photo © Coda Photography

Via Instagram CC !!! Another night at the office. Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend and not letting terrible people bring you down. We are all here for one another. No one can take away who you really are and if they try to, tell them to take a hike!

domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

Via Instagram Ash!! Pre-LA show with bud Adam Grayer of #ColdCockWhiskey 💥 #takeyourshot #herbal #whiskey

Via Instagram Ash!! Happy Halloween..!! 🎃🔪👻🎉 #Halloweekend #halloween2014

Via Instagram Juliete !! Quick lunchfest with my boo @andybvb at the mall💏

Via Instagram Jeff !! Time to get this guy to the show.. Whose coming down to the Wiltern in LA tonight to watch my brothers in @blackveilbrides film a new dvd?! I know I'll be there.. And maybe even @andybvb will as well 😄 See ya there...👍

Via Instagram Jinxx !!! Los Angeles. Thank you last night for reminding us why we do what we do

Via Instagram Jake!! Such a badass photo from last night at the Wiltern in Los Angeles by the almighty @ogscottuchida thank you to everyone who came out to make this live dvd kick so much ass! Definitely one of my all time favorite shows!

Via Instagram Jake !! Happy Halloween! I tried to do Baraka, did the best I could

Via Instagran CC !! A huge thank you to the man himself @ogscottuchida for the bad ass photos tonight. Wait until you see these...

Via Instagram blackveilbrides !! Have you seen the Goodbye Agony video yet? What do you think it means?

Via Instagram blackveilbrides !! Thanks LA for an awesome show! This DVD is gonna be sick! #blackmass #bvblivepics Photo by @ogscottuchida

Via Instagram Black Veil Brides !! Thanks LA! #blackmass #soldout

Via Instagram Andy !! #TheBlackMass continues tomorrow in San Francisco! This photo was taken by the incredible @ogscottuchida at last nights sold out show in Los Angeles at The Wiltern! #BlackVeilBridesIV

Happy Halloween from me and @williamcontrol ! He's about to go onstage here at the first ever #Halloweekend ! Seeya later tonight Arizona!

A moment captured with my #nikondf, #julietsimms and @AndyBVB right b4 the @blackveilbrides took the @wiltern stage. Photo by :Scott Uchida

Via Instagram Juliete !! #HappyHalloween One more day until I'm in my favorite little misfit's arms again @andybvb Photo cred: @lizzy_cupcake #wontstealyourcoffin #butyouhavetoshare

Black Veil Brides!!


Via Instagram Alicia !! Well, the cat's outta the bag!! Had such a blast filming the new video for Black Veil - and did you recognize @david_sasik from Knives & Pens?! This was definitely a fun one to work on! Go check out @blackveilbrides new video directed by @fatpogarty & art production by @exhibitagallery on now!!!

David Sasik (el chico de Knives and pens y Perfect Weapon) y Alicia Vigil junto a un miembro de la asociación F.E.A.R

Via Instagram sedition !!! ..


 I like this one. 

 Stop, in the name of rock... Before you break my heart.


Andy en la grabacion del nuevo video "Goodbye Agony"

Via Instagram Andy !! As long as I can remember Penn and Teller have meant the world to me. Their influence on me in literally all facets of my life is immeasurable. Tonight I watched them perform and met my greatest hero Penn Jillette. Dreams come true. Thank you @blasko1313 for this experience. I couldn't be more excited right now. Having the chance to tell Penn how much he has inspired me is something I will never forget #onerednail

Nuevo video VLOG de Jake!! Jake Pitts VLOG Edition - Episode 6 - My dogs, 7 months in the life of.

Via Instagram kinatavarozi !! We woke up like dissss @ceesespieces #mandalay #blackveilbrides #bvb #cc #kinatavarozi #adventures

jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Andy y Ronnie en la Revista Kerrang, Edición Halloween !

Via Instagram kinatavarozi !! Best morning ever @ceesespieces @ashleypurdyinc @misslauracroft

Via Instagram kinatavarozi !! We woke up like this.. Breakfast time! @ashleypurdyinc @ceesespieces @misslauracroft #bvb #blackveilbrides #bloodymarys #morning #breakfast #lego

Una chica de Estados Unidos pre ordeno su cd para tenerlo, el dia 27 y así es como luce el cd, Photo by : @inthexnd

El dia de Hoy se Eatreno un NUEVO VÍDEO MUSICAL! de Black Veil Brides la canción es "Good bye agony"

Jinxx en el concierto de St Paul, "Black Mass Tour" Photo by : Drift & Die Press