jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Andy y Ronnie en la Revista Kerrang, Edición Halloween !

Via Instagram kinatavarozi !! Best morning ever @ceesespieces @ashleypurdyinc @misslauracroft

Via Instagram kinatavarozi !! We woke up like this.. Breakfast time! @ashleypurdyinc @ceesespieces @misslauracroft #bvb #blackveilbrides #bloodymarys #morning #breakfast #lego

Una chica de Estados Unidos pre ordeno su cd para tenerlo, el dia 27 y así es como luce el cd, Photo by : @inthexnd

El dia de Hoy se Eatreno un NUEVO VÍDEO MUSICAL! de Black Veil Brides la canción es "Good bye agony"

Jinxx en el concierto de St Paul, "Black Mass Tour" Photo by : Drift & Die Press

Ashley en el concierto de St Paul, "Black Mass Tour" Photo by : Drift & Die Press

Via Twitter Ashely !!! Vegas!! C ya at @HotTopic mall in a bit! #BlackVeilBridesIV #BlackMassTour

Via Instagram ash !! I Won tonites show at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver on our release day! Oct 27th. i got a motorcycle trophy.!! #Fillmore #Denver #Trophy #BlackVeilBridesIV #BlackMassTour

Via Instagram Ashley !! EPIC Shot! 💥 We love you! Thanx so much, the fans mean everything.. Enjoying the #BlackMassTour #BlackVeilBrides #BlackVeilBridesIV out now!

Via Instagram Jake!! Waiting for the show to start. Getting it all for a new VLOG and will be sharing soon! #vegas

Via Instagram Andy !! Hand signals. Denoting what? No idea. #theblackmass #BlackVeilBridesIV

Segunda Fecha en Londodn !!!

Black Veil Brides se presentara en Marzo del año que viene en Paris junto con otras Bandas !!!

martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Ya pueden escuchar Black Veil Brides completo desde Spotify

Para poder escucharlo tiene que tener una cuenta y solo darle clic en "Play on Spotify"

Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides before and after performing in Columbus OH

By: Sedition1216

I Believe in You. Photo by: carlitos_n

Thank you Denver you rocked!

"Sons of Night" la canción que viene en la edición de Best Buy, buenísima!!

BVB tomando el Twitter de Kerrang Magazine

Mañana la banda tomara el Twitter de Kerrang @KerangMagazine a la 1:00 pm hora México y estarán contestando a sus preguntas, manden sus tweets usando el hashtag #BVBHalloween

Black Veil Brides en la portada de Screamer Magazine

Andy en la portada de la Revista Blue Jean Revista Turca

La banda Farewell, My Love con el nuevo disco de la banda

Mensaje de Andy sobre el nuevo album en la pagina de la Revista gRita fUerte

Sedition1216 Vía Instagram

@ashleypurdyinc showing me how he really feels about me and my camera...

Getting my photojournalist on with @jakepittsbvb and @jinxxed4life

Hey look, it's @ceesespieces ! Literally the very first shot of him performing on my memory card... #bvbarmy #bvb4 #blackveilbrides

Fun with silhouettes. @andybvb edition

I know you guys are all up listening to it so here's something to look at while you do...

I think what @ceesespieces is trying to say is "Go buy our new album available now at your favorite online retailer." Probably anyway...

Andy did an art thing for @altpress and then he gave it to that girl. And then she got engaged right in front of us and my mind was blown...

Via Instagram @exhibitagallery

Andy en la portada de la Revista Kerrang! edición especial de Halloween

Black Veil Brides tomando la cuenta de Instagram de Hottopic

Hey guys, @andybvb here from Black Veil Brides! We're taking over hot topic's Instagram today! #BVBtakesoverHT #blackmasstour

If you haven't yet, head over to your local hot topic and pick up our new record that just came out today! #blackveilbridesIV #BVBtakesoverHT #blackmasstour

Time for sound check here in Denver! #blackmasstour #BVBtakesoverHT #blackveilbridesIV

Sound check in Denver! #blackmasstour #BVBtakesoverHT #blackveilbridesIV

I have recently taken to chewing gum during the set to keep my throat from getting dried out. My choice? This goddamn cinnamon roll gum haha! We couldn't make it through a show without it! #BVBtakesoverHT #blackmasstour #blackveilbridesIV

Pre show meeting with some amazing members of the BVB Army here in Denver! They always bring us the coolest things! Check out these custom dolls! #blackmasstour #BVBtakesoverHT #blackveilbridesIV

@jakepittsbvb and @jinxxed4life warming up before the show tonight! #BVBtakesoverHT #blackveilbridesIV #blackmasstour

#blackveilbridesIV live in Denver! #blackmasstour #BVBtakesoverHT

Thank you for letting us invade your feed today everyone! Be sure to pick up our new record #blackveilbridesIV in HT stores now! Goodnight from Denver! #BVBtakesoverHT #blackmasstour

Tonight we're at the Fillmore in Denver! Who's coming out? Also #BlackVeilBridesIV is OUT NOW!! Go pick it up!

Thanks Chicago for such an amazing show last night! #BlackVeilBridesIV comes out tomorrow! Here we go! #whodey

♫ Tonite! Denver, CO - Oct 27 at THE FILLMORE AUDITORIUM http://www.bandsintown.com/event/8267106?artist=Black+Veil+Brides&came_from=96”

It's solo time! Thanks to my good buddy @ryanseaman for the text. Having a blast on The Black Mass Tour!! Come see BVB and FIR tear it up!!


Andy en #TheBlackMass tour ST. Paul! #blackveilbrides #bvblivepic DISCLAIMER

Black Veil Brides en la Revista Kerrang de esta semana

Black Veil Brides IV en México

Army para los que pre-ordenaron el álbum por iTunes ya lo pueden descargar y si aun no lo compran tiene un costo de $120.00 pesos o $15.00 pesos por canción

De acuerdo a la pagina de Mixup el disco estará disponible en tiendas a partir de mañana con un costo de $149.00 pesos