martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

BVB Store!!

Army en la tienda oficial de la banda las sudaderas tendrán descuentos hasta el 10 de febrero chequenlas!! ;)

Here's a quick behind the scenes video of comedy web series "Average Joe" with @Chancehappening and @TheJoeFlanders

Fotos de Andy y Joe en la presentación de Juliet en LA

Photo by: seoulays

Photos by: Wynntersage

Photos by: i_claim_lous

Fotos de Andy en el NAMM 2014

Photo by: Robert Fayette

Photo by: Michael Mullenix

My baby watching the Super Bowl with me.

Juliet Vía Instagram

Random namm photos... #doyle #doylemisfits

Andy y Doyle (ex Integrante de los Misfits)

There's soo many of the 'hits' coming back this month. Many of you ask and yep - slimline is back!!

Ashley Vía Twitter

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Don't you wish you had smellagram right now?? Crockpot chicken chili cooking all day

This little piggy won't let me get out of bed

Not Impressed

CC Vía Twitter

Really excited to get my hands, or feet, on these and play a bit!

It's puggie time!!!

Bubble explosion..!! #party

Thank you to the fans who do buy our music, and thank you to everyone who's been there for me or even just said something nice during this difficult time in my life. I truly appreciate it and will continue to make music that you hopefully all enjoy.

The Rising

Vía Instagram Jeffgeorge

Hoy to hang with my buds in BVB last Night. And this stuff happened with Ash,Jinxx and Andy

Well...He's not a litle baby Or is he??? A Huge Roll'n Roll Happy Bitrhday to my brother Ashley !! Ding Dang cake slam with Timmy..

OK. Sooooo maybe we had a couple beers and then turned CC inyo a parasaurolophus. Dinosaurs party too Trust me NAMM ZAP with Danny.

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Switchblade Serenade with BVB. NAMM2014 #Austinjaser #Man_devil #Lukebarone

#farpogarty #CC and #ANDY En NAMM.

Jeff and Andy .. :)

#CC #Jeff #Danny #Andy at NAMM.

Jinxx en NAMM