lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

Spending Memorial Day doing some writing with the boys. So proud of every song on this record. In my opinion we are tighter and better as a band than we're ever been! How are you guys spending the holiday?? #bvb4

Jake Vía Instagram

This little girl just got her face shaved

Studio day 14. My go to axe for tracking guitars is my 2001 Schecter C1-elite with EMGs #BVB4

Did some Sunday morning tracking today on the surface of the sun haha! Burning up out here!! #bvb4

My loves

Andy con un Fan en los pasados NAMM Photo by: @kurtalicious1

Studio day 13

How i split $10 bucks with @AndyBVB #sharing #HappyMemorialDay

Ok... sale tim¡!! use the code AP20INC for 20% off all hooded tops.