jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Vídeo de Black Veil Brides en Conversation at MI

Jinxx Vía Instagram

Thank you Vancouver for remembering that Rock n Roll lives! Except for that one negative asshole that got his ass kicked and will burn in a 1979 fiery disco hell ;)

Jake Vía Instagram

Vancouver, we lived here for 3 weeks during the making of BVB4, now we are back to play tonight at the Vogue Theater. See you there!

Ashley Vía Instagram

A lovely bouquet of assorted chocolates arrived at my hotel from the fine people at #PurdysChocolates welcoming us back to #Vancouver ! #chocolate #love #rocknroll #Vogue tonite!

Vancouver! Where we made alot of #BVB4 @VogueTheatre tonite! #BlackMassTour #driftanddiepress #photo #Vancouver -Glad to be back tearin this city up!!

Andy Vía Instagram

Vancouver! We tracked all of the vocals on #BVB4 just a few blocks away from tonight's venue! I cannot wait to sing those songs with you guys! This is the final Canadian show of #TheBlackMass Lets go!

Entrevista a Jake y Jinxx en el pasado evento NAMM donde hablan de como empezaron a tocar la guitarra

Ella Vía Instagram

Thank you to whoever got a screen shot of my New Years kiss with my beautiful man @jakepittsbvb. Love finding these random pictures

Ashley Vía Twitter

Last nite in @CityofEdmonton ! See u at the ‪#‎Starlite‬ Ballroom ‪#‎BlackMassTour‬ @Pennywise ‪#‎Sbay‬ ‪#‎Homies‬

Andy Vía Twitter

Calgary! ‪#‎TheBlackMass‬ has arrived! We can't wait to sing with you! Only 8 shows left on this leg of the tour!

konusbrand Vía Instagram

Bloopers Pt2 ft Dia Frampton, Andy Biersack, Hannah Pilkes, Gaby Dunn

Sedition Vía Instagram

Night all!

I should really start using instagram filters...

I get to LA Friday and they play Pomona Saturday...

So @nevertakeitoff is doing this contest thing where you can win one of their Andy necklaces and like, I totally want to win... (I'm not really interested in winning, I'll give it away to one of you guys if I do though. Because frankly, I don't wear any kind of jewelry. Well, ever since I lost my Superman Keychain that I turned into a Superman necklace...) @andybvb @nevertakeitoff ‪#‎nevertakeitoff‬ ‪#‎ntio‬ ‪#‎andybiersack‬