jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013

Andy desde la cuenta de Instagram de AP

Hello everyone! Time to post some pics over here at AP from the bat phone! Let's get this started (also can't wait for the inevitable mindless hateful comments)! - @andybvb #APtakeover

If you read the article about me written by Ryan Downey in AP #305 you found out about my teacher and mentor Mr. David Roth, here's a pic of the two of us taken when I last visited SCPA. #aptakeover

Here's a photo taken by my good buddy @sedition1216, check out his photo feature of me and @thejulietsimms in issue #305 #aptakeover

Here's a photo of me and my buddy @williamcontrol taken a few tours ago. Check him out on the "Revel without a cause tour" this month!

Live in New Hampshire the other night wearing one of good buddy @kennyleath's new shirts! #aptakeover

Somewhere outside a venue in the US meeting members of the #BVBArmy! Thanks so much for making the Outbreak tour such a success! Miss you guys already! #aptakeover

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