domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

Andy desde la cuenta en Instagram de AP (Parte 2)

Getting ready to board my flight back home from The last show of The OUTBREAK Tour . Coffe time #aptakeover

I bought what I am refering to as a captain América Sweater thanksfully my love Juliet approves . #aptakeover

I thing this one is self explanatory #aptakeover

Be sure to check out The web series that my cousin Joe Flanders and i do calles "Average Joe" Joe Also interviewedin AP # 305 here's a pic of me in Joes house wearing one oh his god damn Mac and cheese shorts haha . #aptakeover

Currently listening to one of my favorite records of all time. What are your favorite albums? #aptakover

Well thanks for hanging everyone! It's been fun! Make sure to pick up AP December issue #305! Thank you so much to everyone at AP for making this possible! Follow your dreams and never give in! #aptakeover

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