miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

Hello Mexico City, we have arrived! Who's coming to rock with us tonight at the Pepsi Center?! #bvbinmexico #theblackmasstour

This chair is no longer my friend. Was sitting up too far on it, reached for my phone and it decides to collapse, punch me in the back of the head as my smash my wrist into the ground.. Fuuuuuck. Time to ice this shit.

Mexico City, we love you! Thank you for a wonderful experience in your beautiful city. Had such a blast on stage tonight and cannot wait to be back to perform for you again soon! Much love.

When you've been on tour far too long and have run out of all clothes. A hotel room hot tub looks more like a washing machine. Thanks for the idea @ellacoleofficial

Faithless solo live in Mexico City. Fan video by @sayabeto thanks again for a killer night Mexico! All the shows here rocked! #theblackmasstour #bvbinmexico

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